all of japan,right hereall of japan,right here

History of the building

RYOKAN PLUM’s building was built in 1922 (Taisho Era) to house the family of the founders of a local gas company.

After World War II, it was used as an office of the gas company.

Since the 2000s, it has been rented out to a local pickled plum (umeboshi) manufacturing company and also as housing.It has been used as a guest house since 2016 and became the current RYOKAN PLUM in 2020.

The building is strong enough to have survived the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. It also survived the air raids in Odawara during WWII.


Established as the central base to rule eastern Japan during the Warring States/Sengoku Era (16th century), Odawara Castle was called an impregnable castle.

Only 6 kilometers away is Hakone, one of the most popular hot spring resort areas, and you can also get a view of Mt. Fuji from Odawara city.Just outside the central area, there are lush mountains and the magnificent Sagami Bay. Delicious sake is also made from rice grown in local rice paddies.

Since the Edo Era (17th to 19th century), it has prospered as the largest post town of the 53 stations of the Tokaido Road, and it is a town with many special features in terms of history and culture, such as the visit of the Imperial family, major political and business leaders, and prominent cultural figures.

“All of Japan, right here” It may be a place where such words are not an exaggeration.

Odawara and Me

Since moving to Odawara, I noticed that I was changing.

I found happiness in seeing beautiful scenery every day being surrounded by nature, going for walks noticing history on every street corner, and being surrounded by the culture created by various artists and authors from the past to the present.

Please enjoy RYOKAN PLUM as an opportunity to discover new things for your life in this city and this area.

Company Information

Hayato Umemiya,
Representative Director

3-4-17 2F-B Sakae-cho

tel: +81-80-7699-0404